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Mission to remove TROVI forever from your PC
Trovi is a Virus… remove it NOW!

Problem: Trovi replaces computer by files infected with the Trovi toolkit without your consent. It further compromises your PC by slowing it down. It is strongly recommended to remove this malware immediately
Symptom: Besides having these Trovi errors reports you can also experience slow PC performance; pop up error messages; slow internet speed; slow startup and shutdown; installation errors and in some cases hardware failure also. Eventually Trovi can also crash your PC.
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How to remove Trovi Virus from your computer

Has your default search engine changed to

Screen: Trovigo homepage
Click to enlarge the image
If yes, then your computer is infected with Trovi virus, which potentially changes browser settings and this is the reason why it is called “Browser Hijacker”.

Now there might be lot of questions pondering in your mind like-

What is Trovi, How to stop Trovi virus, How to delete Trovi Malware etc.

Here are few of the answers.

What is Trovi?

Trovi is a virus which changes the startup page of a browser by altering the browser settings. It is a search engine with lots of advertisement, which was created by Conduit Ltd (ClientConnect Ltd) and how to get rid of trovi is one big challenge. It installs lots of unwanted plugins and programs like Search Protect which acts as a barrier to delete Trovi malware. How does Trovi enters a system?

Trovi generally comes along with some free software you download from untrusted sites. It does not display safe and secure search results and forcibly redirects to various untrusted third party websites.

How to Stop Trovi virus?
  1. Always give a look to the Terms and conditions before installing a software, we generally have a habit of directly click "I agree to the terms and conditions" checkbox without even giving a look.
  2. Click on the custom setup and check the list of additional programs. Delete trovi malware or uncheck all the unwanted programs and then install the software you chose.
  3. If you don’t have the option to remove the unwanted programs or how to stop trovi virus. Then, it is advised not to install or download the software.

How to get rid of Trovi | How to Remove Trovi

In order to delete trovi malware, you first have to remove search protect from your pc.

Steps to remove search protect:-
  1. Go to the system tray and double click on the search protect option.
  2. Screen: The system tray
    Click to enlarge the image
  3. After opening Search Protect click on settings and then homepage option. Select homepage of your choice, to delete trovi malware.
  4. Screen: Search protect
    Click to enlarge the image
  5. Go to “New Tab” option just below “Homepage” option, then select “Browser Default Option”
  6. Just below “New Tab”, go to “Default Search” option and select “Browser Default Search Engine”
  7. Click on “Error page” below “Default Search” option and deselect the “Enhance my search experience” option, it is a method how to stop trovi virus and then click on apply.
  8. Finally, go to control panel by right clicking on windows icon.
Screen: Control panel
Click to enlarge the image
after clicking on the control panel option, you will see an option “Uninstall a program,”
Screen: Uninstall program
Click to enlarge the image
you will see list of programs installed
Screen:List of programs
Click to enlarge the image
Find Search Protect, right click to uninstall it. Now see how to get rid of trovi.
Screen:Uninstall search protect
Click to enlarge the image

Delete Trovi Malwarefrom all browsers:-

  1. Delete Trovi from Google Chrome
    • Open google chrome, click on menu button
    • Select extensions
    • Find and delete it
    • Just below extensions, click on settings
    • Select “Manage search engines”
    • Choose the search engine you want and click on “Make default”
    • Remove trovi from my computer.

  2. Remove Trovi Virus From Internet Explorer
    • Open Internet Explorer and tools menu at the top
    • Click on “Manage Add-ons”
    • Go to search providers
    • Remove
    • Click on tools
    • Then “Internet Options”
    • Select “General tab” and enter the link of the webpage you want
    • Click on “Use default”, this is how to get rid of trovi.

  3. Trovi Removal From Mozilla Firefox
    • Open Mozilla Firefox and click on “Tools”
    • Go to “Add-ons” and then “Extensions”
    • Click on and then uninstall to delete trovi malware
    • Again, go to “Tools”, then Options
    • Choose “General”, then “when Firefox starts”, either select a webpage of your choice or choose ‘show a blank page’
    • Click on the Firefox menu, then help menu, select troubleshooting information, then select “Reset Firefox”, default settings will be revived.

  4. How to stop trovi virus in Safari
    • Open Safari browser
    • Click on Safari menu
    • Click on reset safari from the drop-down menu
    • Check all the check-boxes and click on reset.

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Remove Trovigo virus from your computer